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We are flexible, dynamic and foresighted. As your trusted partner we develop repair solutions for the independent aftermarket, and analyse repair requirements for registered vehicles via country-specific databases.

We continually invest in improving our logistics processes, and guarantee access to technical information as well as availability of our VEMO quality products via www.autoteile.de - around the clock. High resolution, detailed product images in 360 degree perspective also allow accurate identification of product characteristics. With VEMO we combine technical expertise and individual customer requirements to ensure the highest quality and service. Trust in us and give us a try!

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Our core product groups

  • EGR valves

    EGR valves

    • Supplied with rubberised gaskets (EPDM)
    • reliable, high-density, and visually appealing welds via a special laser welding process
    • optimal protection during transport and storage via styrofoam inlays
  • Parking sensors

    Parking sensors

    • integrated Infineon and Hewlett Packard (HP) chips
    • easy installation with clip mounting
    • can be painted in all colours, less inventory
  • Sensors, crank/cam shafts

    Sensors, crank/cam shafts

    • Installation safety through vehicle-specific coded connectors
    • high precision fit of the sensor head for guaranteed correct position detection of the flywheel
    • Use of permanent magnets in the sensor head to obtain the static magnetic field ("long life")
  • Throttle bodies

    Throttle bodies

    • ideal protection during transport and storage via EPS (expanded polystyrene rigid foam) inlays
    • Housing and damper made of stainless aluminium (maintenance free)
  • Sensor, wheel speed

    Sensor, wheel speed

    • active ABS sensors with chips made in Germany
    • Teflon cables for higher current carrying capacity
    • Installation safety through vehicle-specific coded connectors
  • Blowers


    • DC engines with and without transmission
    • reversible motors (lighter, smaller and with more functions)
    • quiet operation
  • Washer pumps

    Washer pumps

    • Washer pumps for windscreens (mono pumps) and for windscreen and rear windows (dual pumps)
    • Wash water nozzles, including lift cylinders
    • Locking couplings for simple and secure connection of hoses
  • Steering column switches

    Steering column switches

    • improved processing of spring and locking function
    • Wiper and turn signal switch and complete steering column switch units available
    • LHD and RHD versions available
  • Air conditioning hoses

    Air conditioning hoses

    • Delivered with gaskets/sealing kits
    • higher durability through soldering instead of welding
    • Rubber hoses of Goodyear
  • Ignition coils

    Ignition coils

    • fully automatic winding of the coils
    • optimised ignition spark formation through higher variability and frequency
    • Improvement of fuel consumption and emissions, along with smooth operation

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We regularly present the technical highlights of our VEMO quality brand at international trade fairs. Here visitors can have fun as they experience driving our F1 simulator on the virtual Hockenheimring and enjoy a high-quality product presentation in our American Freightliner show truck.

You can find information about other fairs here.

Top quality to guarantee your satisfaction!

This label identifies high-quality OEM parts from international OE-manufacturers who directly or indirectly supply car manufacturers.

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Our two other quality brands, VAICO and ACKOJAP, benefit from VIEROL AG's decades of experience in the international independent automotive aftermarket.

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  • Small engines

  • Sensors

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